Data Contributions

MiCO is an enormous undertaking and its success is fundamentally tied to community involvement. Toward that end, the Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab (MGEL) of Duke University is leading a growing consortium of partners. We are very excited about the potential this system has to connect global processes to knowledge generated by you and the broader research community, leading to concrete conservation outcomes.

We are reaching out to data holders to expand our network and provide an opportunity for everyone to contribute data and knowledge to the international processes supporting marine spatial planning in areas beyond national jurisdictions. Data contributors have committed to collaborate on synthesizing information to better inform and improve international marine conservation efforts and to provide decision-makers with knowledge regarding global migratory routes and connected areas for marine turtle, marine mammal, seabird, and fish species.

If you are interested in learning more about MiCO, and contributing telemetry or mark & recapture data, please contact @.  All contributions to MiCO will be properly acknowledged; no contributed data will be distributed beyond MiCO.

Please view the MiCO Terms of Use and Terms of Reference for data providers for more details on how shared data will be protected, and contact @ with any questions.

To date, our growing list of contributions have come from: