Project Oversight

The MiCO steering committee is comprised of three advisory panels, each of which will guide the project over the course of the initial development. Members serve a two-year term, which will bring us through the MiCO system launch at CBD COP14 at the end of 2018. Much of this initial term is focused on defining the (ecological and technical) scope of MiCO, partnership strategies, and policy goals. We will evaluate our needs for continuing guidance after this initial term.

Members of the Strategic Advisory Panel will provide us with feedback and guidance on the overall mission, purpose and direction of the MiCO project.  Within their professional capacity, members will advocate for MiCO by providing increased visibility both internally (within their organizations) and externally (to the broader community). We anticipate one call per year (via webinar) with the entire panel to review program activities, as well as individual interactions as needed.

Policy Advisory Panel members will provide the MiCO development team with specific input regarding the data/knowledge needs of various intergovernmental organizations and how MiCO can be applied in existing and future area-based planning and management of the high seas.  The panel offers a forum for policymakers to communicate their thoughts, share their expertise with MiCO developers, and coordinate services. Like the Strategic Advisory Panel, Policy Advisory Panel members will advocate for MiCO within their own organizations and externally to the broader policy fora. We anticipate convening the entire Panel once per year (via webinar) to review program activities, as well as individual interactions as needed.

MiCO developers will engage with the Technical Advisory Panel more often. Members of this panel will provide guidance to the MiCO team on an as needed basis to solve day-to-day issues or questions including but not limited to: species specific knowledge, overall marine animal migration knowledge, technical spatial and statistical method questions. This panel will likely convene three to four times a year (via webinar), with more frequent interactions with individuals as needed.

Outreach for participation on the Steering Committee in Phase 2 (post 2018) will begin in late 2018.  We anticipate the focus of Phase 2 to be increasing the geographic and taxonomic reach of MiCO and will seek experts to join the various panels accordingly.


Strategic Advisory Panel Policy Advisory Panel Technical Advisory Panel
Helen Bailey Ward Appeltans Andre Boustany
Lisa Ballance Jorge Brenner Maria Dias
Barbara Block CMS Representatives Tammy Davies
Peter Corkeron Fanny Douvere Francesco Ferretti
Daniel Costa David Freestone Brendan Godley
Graeme Hays Kristina Gjerde Autumn-Lynn Harrison
Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara Lyle Glowka Sara Maxwell
Dave Secor Carolina Hazen Daniel Palacios
Henri Weimerskirch Jorge Jimenez Sofie Van Parijs
 Bill Woodward  Mark Spalding Bryan Wallace