MiCO – Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean

Terms of Reference for Data Providers (v0.5; 7 July 2017)

This document describes the Terms of Reference for individuals and organizations that contribute data to MiCO. MiCO’s top priority is to protect the integrity of your data and your rights as a data owner and provider. Please read these terms carefully, and email @ with any questions or concerns.

 By contributing data to MiCO, the data providers and MiCO agree to the following terms:

  1. Contributed data are used by MiCO, along with data contributed by other individuals and organizations, to derive aggregated “Corridors” and “Nodes”, as well as summary statistics (#datasets, #records, #species, etc)
  2. MiCO aggregated data products (“Corridors” and “Nodes”) will be viewable online at the MiCO web site and will be downloadable through the website or by the MiCO data manager to requesting users under the CC-BY policy, subject to the MiCO Terms of Use.
  3. Contributed data may be viewed on the MiCO website in conjunction with associated Corridors and Nodes, unless otherwise specified by the data provider.
  4. Data providers will always have their data explicitly attributed to them in all:
    • MiCO online maps that display Corridors or Nodes derived from their data, and
    • MiCO report or publication figures that display Corridors or Nodes derived from their data.
  5. Data providers are responsible for keeping their contact information current with the MiCO data manager ( @ ).
  6. Contributed data will not be used for purposes other than MiCO’s derived products (“Corridors” and “Nodes”) and summary statistics.
  7. Contributed data will not be forwarded or shared with other parties.

Important, please note: MiCO is not an online data repository for viewing and downloading contributed data. Your data will never be shared.  If you wish to share your data with the online science community, we encourage you to contribute with our partner repositories.  Our partners include: