Expansion of OBIS-SEAMAP for Passive Acoustic Monitoring Data

In collaboration with Melissa Soldevilla (SEFSC), J Hildebrand (Scripps), C Clark (Cornell), S Van Parijs (NEFSC)

To deal with diverse methods for the detection, classification and localization of passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) data, OBIS-SEAMAP continues improving data management, metadata standards, and mapping and visualization tools for PAM data in close collaboration with the Navy, BOEM and other acoustic monitoring researchers.

A NOPP-funded sister project ‘Acoustic Metadata Management and Transparent Access to Networked Oceanographic Data Sets,’ led by Marie A. Roch, San Diego State University, will develop metadata standards for PAM data. OBIS-SEAMAP will incorporate the new standards into its metadata management and improve search & visualization functionality for PAM data.

Example: Stationary acoustic devices and detections

Funded by the Nation Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) and the National Science Foundation (NSF)Launched in 2011