Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab

Climate Change Data and Tools Assessment

Evaluating User Needs for Models and Decision Tools to Predict the Impacts of Climate Change on the Marine Environment

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This was a discussion via the Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Network webinar series on October 30, 2013.
NASAA changing climate has been shown to have broad effects on a variety of living marine resources. Understanding how these changes will impact future distribution, abundance and resilience of marine species is important for implementing ocean resource management plans. However, data on climate rarely are used when forming new regulations, with barriers to incorporation existing at all levels in the decision making process. This webinar seeks to identify barriers to incorporating climate data into the management of living marine resources and to focus on potential solutions.
In addition, there will be a web survey. We are seeking input from marine managers and decision makers to more clearly identify the barriers to using climate data in the management of marine species. The survey will remain active for a week following the webinar.

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This is project is NASA user-needs assessment NNX11AR56G