Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab


Here are some online resources relevant to marine geospatial ecology.  Please feel free to suggest others or note updates to existing by emailing .img.

Email Lists

  • OneNOAA Science Seminars – regular online science seminars.  Subscribe to its Google calendar.
  • SEA-GIS – marine GIS list serve
  • EBMTools Network – funding, jobs, tools and talks related to marine ecosystem-based management
  • IUCN Global Marine Community – marine conservation news, funding and jobs for Washington DC and beyond
  • NOAA FishNews – notices of NOAA actions, rules, policies and programs
  • MPA News – newsletter forum on planning and management of marine protected areas (MPAs)
  • MEAM News – newsletter forum on marine ecosystem and management (MEAM) of coastal and marine resources
  • UN Ocean Atlas – become a member and get the newsletter on events and updates to the atlas

Taxon Specific

  • CTURTLE – sea turtle biology and conservation
  • MARMAM – marine mammals research and conservation discussion

Ecology in General

  • ECOLOG-L – Ecology Society of America news, jobs and grants
  • US-IALE – US International Asssociation of Landscape Ecology discussion
  • SCB – bulletin board for Society of Conservation Biology
  • SCGIS – Society for Conservation GIS list-serve