Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools

What is it?

Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools (MGET) is a free, open-source geoprocessing toolbox that can help you solve a wide variety of marine research, conservation, and spatial planning problems. MGET plugs into ArcGIS and can perform tasks such as:

  • Accessing oceanographic data from ArcGIS
  • Identifying ecologically-relevant oceanographic features in remote sensing imagery
  • Building predictive species distribution models
  • Modeling habitat connectivity by simulating hydrodynamic dispersal of larvae
  • Detecting spatiotemporal patterns in fisheries and other time series data

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ArcGIS Tutorial

In ArcGIS, MGET appears as a geoprocessing toolbox. The toolbox contains about 300 tools. The tools may be executed individually, wired together into graphical workflows using the ArcGIS ModelBuilder, executed programmatically from geoprocessing…

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Programming Tutorial

Invoking MGET tools programatically MGET is, in essence, a library of functions. The functions are implemented in various programming languages, mainly Python, R, C++, and MATLAB, but are exposed uniformly via several widely-used…

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Contributors MGET was written by Jason Roberts, Ben Best, Daniel Dunn, and Eric Treml. Pat Halpin supervises the project. MGET relies on the contributions of many others in the open source community. Sponsors

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